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About PachaMama

PachaMama; a vision of the world that represents the human environment in its totality, the balance that surrounds us and the respect of our planet and its resources.



In the countryside of Portugal, in the Alentejo region, we have built a dream travel experience, combining nature and community to bring our visitors back to the essence of being.

PachaMama is a community, B&B, and campsite, but more than that, it is a space to replenish, to explore your curiosity and creativity, and to simply enjoy life.

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A life down to earth


We are Maja and Rasmus, and together with our good friends, (who to us are like family), we began the project that is PachaMama.

Our collective of young handy men and women have given their full love and commitment to this project. We are all very sociable people that believe in freedom of the mind, and providing unrestrained spaces for creativity.  


PachaMama is a small-scale farm and our goal is to be as sustainable as possible. The farm life is very new to all of us, and we are learning and growing as we go. Our land has great conditions for agriculture and camping. Portugal is blessed with more than 3300 sunny hours per year, and the aqueduct running through our land lets us water the crops and cool down on hot days. Our permaculture garden provides us with fresh veggies and fruit, and we've worked on many projects to provide entertaining communal spaces for our campers. 


We have a lot of animals on the farm including sheep, pigs, chickens, ducks, cats and dogs. We love animals and you as a visitor are always very welcome to bring your pet.


At PachaMama we love being sociable and exchanging knowledge. We enjoy meeting different kinds of people, and love to listen to stories from around the world. Providing an environment for people to come together is what we enjoy most, whether you find new friends around the table on pizza night, or share a cold beer in the sun by the canal, PachaMama brings like-minded people together. And if you prefer some quiet time, there are many hammocks and chill-out zones for you to simply enjoy being in nature.

PachaMama is a place to relax, to meet new people, and to contribute to a self-sufficient, socially- and environmentally-conscious lifestyle. We look forward to welcoming you. 

We are looking forward to meeting you!

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